Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New tees hot of the press!!

I have been brainstorming of what I could make to satisfy the older kids and not play on something that was already "branded" I wanted to make something universal to both boys and girls. No logos or fillers or flavors...
I came up with appliqued tees:
I even had the nephew of a neighbor (7 years old) come over after they were done, to rate them; after I received a "thumbs up" I went ahead and added them to the shop!
Kid approved!!

I am hoping to make more, and would even be willing to make them in "bigger kid" sizes for us "more grown up" kids.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monster friends

As soon as I can get a model or two I will be posting this and hopefully others in my shop.

These shirts are sized 6-8 so little men can wear them proudly and know they always have a friend with them.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New items in the works!

In recent meetings with fans of The Bird & The Bean, I have been hearing that I am "light in boy items"; so I brainstormed and I think I have come up with some ideas.

With my nephews and friends boys in mind, I am working on items that will compliment their rough and tumble curiosity as well as keep them at the top of the cool kids list!

One of my Northwest nephews....Aqua-man to the rest of you.

New BOY items coming soon!